Skin Soothing Self Care – All Natural, Organic + Canadian

Self-care has been used to describe a slew of practices from skincare routines to a variety of material indulgences.

However, self-care can’t be forgotten when it comes to skin health and wellness either.

Below are some natural, even organic products that can soothe skin irritations such eczema, maintain your oral health, pamper your skin and indulge your senses!

I find it great that almost all of these brands’ products contain pure, natural and simple ingredients, that I can easily read and understand.

And each of them is truly Canadian, specifically located in Vancouver. I received these products as a gift well over a year ago, so I’ve had more than enough time to use them on my self and with my family.

I mean, it can never be too late to share skin soothing self-care remedies with a fellow human!

Satya Organic Eczema Relief

Satya Organic Eczema Cream

If you’re looking to soothe skin irritations such as eczema, Satya’s skin balm is one to try. Their products are silly simple, consisting of all organic and natural ingredients including cold-pressed Jojoba and almond oils, calendula petals, beeswax and oatmeal. That’s it!

Satya’s products come in 3 packaging options: a jar, a stick and in a handy compostable travel pouch. The travel pouch can also be used as an environmentally friendly refill.

I love how this Canada company didn’t just develop natural skin relief formula, but has also been working hard to provide eco conscious packaging.

The stick is new to the brand and wasn’t available last year, so I didn’t picture it or review it. But it’s filled with the same formula, just easier to apply and with its lighter container, that has a lowered carbon footprint.

In terms of the formula, I’ve used Satya’s organic eczema relief cream mostly on my son. He suffers from skin irritations around his mouth and hands during the cold winter months. It hasn’t been diagnosed as eczema per se, but it’s a pretty stinging, rough and red looking rash.

Applying Satya’s balm tremendously helps reduce the redness and has a calming effect on his skin. My kiddo usually doesn’t like being smeared with creams, but he appreciates that it reduces itching and discomfort, so he tolerates me putting in on, lol!

I’ve also used their balm on myself, especially on my hands, which badly crack and flake in the winter time. Putting it on during the evening before bed is helpful as it absorbs during the night.

If you’re looking for a very clean skin-soothing balm that is not too greasy and can help with various skin conditions, check out Satya’s website for more info!

House of Teeth’s Non-Toxic Toothpaste

If you want to treat your teeth to a mouthful of delight, House of Teeth’s coconut lemon toothpaste is one to try! You wouldn’t think the flavour to be good for a toothpaste, but it’s very refreshing and satisfying.

Move on over ubiquitous mint flavours!

This non toxic toothpaste was created by Vancouver-based dentist Dr. Sean Sikorski and is SLS/paraben/gluten free toothpaste. It also comes in a biodegradable tube.

Unlike many other more standard toothpastes on the market, Dr Sikorski wanted to make sure his was formulated with naturally derived fluoride and without added fillers, binders or preservatives. 

I love how the brand’s identity has a very edgy vibe. And not only with their logo, but also with their use of ingredients such as lemon, which has been used in barber shops for ages and way back in the pirate days to treat disease!

They sell their toothpaste in 2 flavours, along with a natural bamboo toothbrush. And if you’re in Vancouver and need a dentist, too, you can call him up to book your appointment!

Miss Envy’s Botanicals

Another online shop based in Vancouver is Miss Envy They also carry a variety of organic body lotions with mostly raw, fair trade ingredients, many containing CBD or THC oils.

Although not yet clinically proven, many say that these oils, when added into body products such as creams and balms, can topically reduce inflammation.

My fave of the product selection they sent me are the Buddha Buddha body cream, bath bomb and their Chocolate Mint lipbalm.

The Buddha Buddha lotion is a 100% organic signature blend, formulated to attract and keep moisture locked into the skin. This, in order to alleviate muscle pain and various discomforts linked to inflammation, chronic muscle pain, arthritis and bruising. The website says the cream can also be applied externally for further ailments such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Although I haven’t used it for those latter conditions, (only thus far for muscle pain), I found it very helpful. Whether the oils actually work or not (these are not absorbed by the body, btw) I don’t 100% know.

All I know is that everytime I’ve massaged Buddha Buddha into any aches and pains, much relief was felt afterwards!

Its formula is also rich and creamy, making it very easy to soothe muscles by also massaging it in. I feel much safer using this cream, vs. say, a more common pharmaceutical infused muscle pain cream.

Then again, I’m a fan of organic, clean products with only a handful of ingredients, so it’s not all that surprising! Many other fellow bloggers who suffer from chronic pain who swear my Miss Envy’s products, so it’s not just me 😉

Miss Envy’s lip balms (my fave scent is Chocolate Mint!) are made with a very moisturizing, comforting formula. I love using them during the winter months in particular and it’s always at my bedside to put on in the morning and right before bed.

It contains only raw ingredient, smells light and lovely, and keeps my lips soft and hydrated for hours. And it only costs $5!

The bath bomb, handcrafted with lovely essential oils is a serious bathtub delight! It quickly dissolves and leaves the lightest scent and traces of soothing oils to soften the skin.

Perfect if you love baths but don’t want your skin to dry out. Especially if you over soak in a tub (wait, can you??).

So if you’re looking for soothe skin irritation, muscle pains or just simply hydrate and replenish your skin, many a great product from Vancouver is there to help.

I love how all of these companies go above and beyond to source the most natural way to soothe ailments, often using raw and organic ingredients. But I also appreciate how they are eco conscious about their packaging and footprint.

Yup, just another few companies to make Canada proud!

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